Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UTAH! Part 8

Wow, Part EIGHT! haha are you guys still with me?

Last but not least I have to put pictures of all the fun we had at my brothers house.
 Evelyn had SO much fun with her cousing Claire, it was like heaven! They played dress up every day and house and all other sorts of girly fun games :)

 Cassidy found a nice warm spot to read her book.
 On this particular day they were playing "baby shower" lol
 Cassidy is a berryaholic. I found her sitting by the fridge with this container of strawberries and blueberries and she would NOT give it up. I'm sure she had some help getting it out of the fridge though from her ever so helpful big sister.
 While we were at Jeff and Sarah's we had a few BBQ's and these silly girls were waiting patiently for their food.
 On one sunny day cousins Evelyn, Claire and Marianne played in the sprinklers and had so much fun

 While the big girls were outside playing in the water, Cassidy and Stella were discovering new ways to play the piano, haha, I came downstairs and they were banging their heads (softly) on the keys
 then they would look at each other and giggle
 then they tried their feet. Silly girls!
 More backyard BBQ fun!
We seriously had the best time in Utah and cannot wait to go back!!!! (hopefully it doesn't take another 4 1/2 years!)


Havalah Turner said...

oh my goodness, seriously looks like so much fun! I miss Utah and I miss you! p.s. your girls are so cute and funny!

Jared said...

Omg I LOVED every single post! You are awesome to post all this. You inspire me to blog again! The pictures of the girls are priceless. We loved seeing you guys so much!

Ruth said...

The above comment was me, in case you couldn't tell. :) I always do that!