Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Memorial weekend Cameron's sister, Trisha, had reserved a camp site at Ohanapecosh up at Mt. Rainier, we weren't able to make it for camping but we went up Saturday for the day and went on a hike with them.

We took Chinook Pass to get there, now we see why it's closed in the winter and just barely opened ;)
 The girls were so happy running around, climbing and jumping off things. We even got to roast some hot dogs :)

 The kids just wanted to jump off this log over and over and over again.

 Ready for the hike! Cousins Evelyn, Jamison and Cassidy.

 The Ohanapecosh River
 Trisha's in-law's ended up coming up about 20 min after us and went on the hike with us. Cassidy very quickly claimed Jamison's grandpa as her own. She was attached to him at the finger, haha. If he was in front of us and she could see him she would start to get upset and yell "I coming! I coming! I coming" and pout and whine until she got to him and he held her hand or carried her. It was pretty cute and he was such a good sport, he probably carried her half the hike! I love this picture because all the little ones wanted a finger to hold on to!
 It was a PERFECT day for a hike. Now we just want to go back! I remember my dad taking me and my brother up there when we were younger (I think I was around 12...) and I loved it. I remember going on a hike to the Grove of the Patriarchs and walking around the GIANT trees and loveing it (google the images and you'll see what I mean) So that's what I really wanted to do. We asked the ranger how far it was and he said "Oh, just take this trail and it will lead you right to it." Awesome. We headed out on the trail and got 1.3 miles in and there was a fork and it said something about the Grove of the Patriachs being 4 something more miles the other way. Yeah, we so weren't going to do that with 3 little ones. But we did get to see Silver Falls and it was beautiful! The trail we were on was a loop and Silver Falls was right at half way. I couldn't believe how well our girls handled the 2.7 mile hike, they were great and we had a lot of fun.

 The scenery was absolutly STUNNING. I think this is one of my favorites. I can't believe how there's hardly any shrubbery or undergrowth, the ground is just covered in moss, it was absolutly beautiful.

Another awesome thing about the hike was we saw a brand new baby elk! It came right up to us and it could barely walk. Even after Cassidy and Jamison threw shared their apples with it, it didn't run away.

Carson actually got close enought to it to pet it!

I just thought these rocks were incredible looking. They hang right over the path.

Cameron saw a huge rock and of course needed to climb it. Evelyn saw her daddy climbing a huge rock so she needed to climb it to. Cassidy saw her daddy and Evelyn climbing the huge rock and wanted to also and got VERY upset when her mommy wouldn't let her.

Yay, Silver Falls!

Evelyn likes to strike a pose every once in a while :)

 Cassidy literally fell asleep within 2 minutes of being in the car.

Evelyn ate some apples and was out in about 10 minutes :)


JoshandMegs said...

Love that picture of the kids with your sis in laws dad.
And GORGEOUS pics!! We have to go there! :)

Havalah Turner said...

gosh I really miss washington and Mt. Rainier. Love the pictures

Summers Family said...

This looks amazing! Let's go together later this summer! And bring our families of course.