Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UTAH! Part 7

Cameron and I both worked in the cafeteria at the Church Office Building when we lived in Utah and we made some wonderful friends there, so it was at the top of our priority list of places to go. But first we had to stop at the U of U campus and show the girls where daddy went to college and stop at the campus bookstore.

We had a wonderful time visiting with all our old friends! And of course, I'm horrible at picture taking so this is it! I had planned on going across the street to the Admin. Bldg and visiting my Aunt Marie, but she was gone that day. But luck would have it that my Aunt Becky who is serving a mission on Temple Square was there! She's not usually there on Thursdays (the day we were there) but she had to go in for something and she found us eating lunch and had lunch with us. It was wonderful to visit with her!

And of course we had to walk around Temple Square :)

For some reason the girls felt the need to stop and play in EVERY.SINGLE. water feature.

not really sure what Evelyn is doing in this picture...playing sleeping beauty maybe...?

more water...

Our wonderful friend Chelsea works at the Church Office Building and she also had lunch with us and walked around with us until she had to go back to work.

After Temple Square we walked over to the new City Creek and walked around for a minute. It was so beautiful! When we were moving 4 1/2 years ago they had just started demolishing buildings to build City Creek, so it was fun to see it all done.
 more water!

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