Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UTAH! Part 3

I was able to see some of my best friends while I was in Utah, it was wonderful! Amy, who was one of my roommates in college and Janet, who I was a secretary with when I worked in the CES department. They both came to my brother's house one day with their kids and we had a picnic and let the kids run around. Here's Evelyn, Abbie, Kynnlie and Cassidy.
 It was hard to get a picture of ALL of them, here's the best I got. Evelyn, Abbie, Cassidy, Tommy and Kynnlie. Tommy's baby brother, Johnny is not pictured.

After my brother and his wife returned from their trip, Cameron and his parents drove down and his parents were able to spend the week with his mom's sisters and their families and Cameron and I were able to have a nice week long vacation. We got together again with Amy and Janet and their husbands and kids at a park and had a fun time having another picnic and playing some more. I realized I did a horrible job taking pictures because these were the best I got.

Some other friends we were able to see were the Trimbles, Cameron and Dan served their missions together. We were able to see their brand new baby (well new to us, she's 6 months old). We went to The Pizza Factory with them. And again, horrible at picture taking cuz here's the only one we got. 
 And the Potters. Cameron and Robert grew up together. We were so glad we could see them while they were still in Utah because they will be moving to Arizona shortly.

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