Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UTAH! Part 2

Another fun thing we did to keep ourselves busy was go to Wheeler Farm...twice! It is about 3 miles from my brother's house. We went one day by ourselves then my sister-in-law, Ruth, and her two girls came down from Evanston for a couple days to play so we went again since they had never been there.

It's always fun to feed the ducks! Evelyn was a little scared of them and threw her food at them really fast then ran to the stroller and screamed, lol.
Cassidy would get all excited and yell "Ducks! Ducks!" then when they came towards her she would reallllly yell "DUCKS!!! DUCKS!!!"

Cousins Stella, Cassidy, Marianne, Evelyn and Ashton

 I think our favorite animals there are the goats. We saw them trying to get some leaves outside their pens and couldn't quite reach so the girls helped them and the goats went crazy eating them so after that the girls went crazy collecting leaves and feeding the goats.

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Kari said...

We just went to Wheeler Farm for the first time too. It was so fun and we loved the birds!