Monday, March 26, 2012


Ever since Evelyn learned about Leprachauns in pre-school a week and a half ago she blames everything on the Leprachaun. Case in point: Just today I did her hair all cute, I was talking to her at 3:30, then 20 min later at 3:50 I look at her again and her hair looks like this:
 Me: Whoa! What happened to your hair??
Evelyn: (without a moments hesitation) The Leprachaun did it!
She cracks me up!

When I was going through pictures on the camera I found this one. These girls LOVE their daddy and that daddy LOVES his girls! I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who just loves our girls to pieces. They have him wrapped around their little fingers and he LOVES it :) Sometimes I go to work at night and come home a few hours later to find that nothing in the house has been cleaned, and sometimes it's worse than when I left! But it's ok, because I know he's been playing with the girls and that is a much more beautiful thing than a clean house :)

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Amy said...

I love LOVE LOVE this picture. :)