Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Adventures

We had a fun weekend. Cameron made me go to IKEA Saturday with some friends. I got a wonderful new desk :)
Old Desk: (anyone want a desk? It's in great condition, it just wasn't working for usanymore)

New Desk:
 Cassidy had fun "helping" put stuff together

While I was gone Cameron and the girls had a lot of fun too. They went to Cam's grandparent's house for breakfast and to help do some planting in their garden. Cameron said it they had the most fun they've ever had there (I said it was because I wasn't there saying "Don't play in the dirt!" "Don't touch that!" lol) Both the girls love being outside, but Cassidy get's SO excited when we head outdoors, and does not like it when we have to head in, so she was in heaven just roaming around for hours outside.

Grandpa Bennett planting potatoes (Cameron said he helped him do four rows)
 Giving Grandma hugs is a must! Evelyn is showing her how she can jump on one foot (it's her new thing, lol, she shows me multiple times a day)

Riding the tractor! What's that all over Cassidy's face? Black licorice. Apparently my daughter loves black licorice...yuck!

This tractor is a millions years old (not really, but it's O.L.D. and still runs like a charm)

Whenever we go out there the girls want to ride on the tractor, aka lawn mower, with grandpa.

Cassidy apparently was not happy when they drove off without her! She MUST do everything her sister does, and she became very attached to great grandpa while they were there, so put those two together and she wasn't happy being left behind.

I love this one! Cassidy was so happy! lol

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Amy said...

I am IN LOVE with that desk. How do you do that? What makes it look so clean and beautiful? Why doesn't my desk look like that?

Your girls are beautiful. SO so beautiful. :D