Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swing Set

When we first moved into our house our neighbors had a swing set and they said that their son who is 8 had pretty much outgrown it so maybe someday they'd toss it over the fence. Well on my birthday (best birthday present!) our neighbor came over and asked us if we wanted it, ummm...YES! So it literally got tossed over the fence. We love it! The girls have so much fun on it. Evelyn can just go out and play whenever she wants and Cassidy stands at the backdoor yelling at it haha. So here are just a couple of fun pictures of our girls enjoying it.
 Don't you just love that cheesy grin :)


Chels said...

UM so until i enlarged the picture of Cassidy sitting, i totally thought she was FREAKING...not :)

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

What an awesome swing set! And free, no less. What a good neighbor :)