Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carie's House

At the beginning of May I watched my sister Carie's three kids for a week while her and her husband went to Hawaii. Evelyn had soo much fun with her cousins! I am horrible at taking pictures when I go to Lacey, I don't know why, but I just am. So these are pretty much the only pictures I got while there. Evelyn loves all her cousins but had so much fun with Chandler. It was nice that he had kindergarten in the morning then him and Evelyn could play all day after that. Here are a few things they did together:
watched movies
 built trains (that pink dress Evelyn has on was actually Aubrey's swimsuit cover up and Evelyn literally slept in it, she didn't take it off the entire week we were there)
 Carie has three cats and Cassidy LOVED them. She would crawl around chasing them and squealing. I don't have a picture of it but after a few days she got brave (and so did the cats) and she'd crawl over to them and be on her knees and 'attack' them with both hands and squeal and just go crazy, lol, it was hilarious.
 Cassidy even helped Aubrey practice paino.
 Chandler and Evelyn even dressed up together haha

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Amy said...

My goodness your girls make me melt. They're just so beautiful!!!