Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bike Rides

Last fall we got a bike trailer and we have finally gotten to use it! Evelyn LOVES her "red bike stroller"!! We have had some nice weather off and on the last few weeks and every chance he get Cameron takes Evelyn on a bike ride. There is a fun park just 4 miles one way and Cameron's parents a mile the other way so Evelyn has been in heaven going back and forth. Last Saturday Cameron spent 3 1/2 hours at the park and riding around with her! Evelyn had sooo much fun and was sooo worn out when they got home Evelyn had fallen asleep...unfortuantly she didn't stay asleep, but i'll take a 10 min nap over no nap these days.
Yesterday for FHE we decided to take Cassidy on her maiden voyage in the trailer and ride to grandma and grandpa's house. The road there is all torn up because they are doing contstruction to make the road wider and put in a bike traile so I was a little worried Cassidy would get tossed around so we put lots of pillows around her. Turns out I was paranoid for nothing because the road is super hard packed dirt and it really wasn't that bad. Evelyn held her hand the whole time, it was so sweet :)
We cannot wait for the weather to stay nice so we can go on LOTS more rides!!!

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