Monday, March 28, 2011


Two of my nephews had birthdays this month Zakry turned 5 and Mikah turned 6. I decided to make them capes for their birthday because every time we go to Cameron's parents house they pull out the hot pink handkercheifs and want them tied around their neck then proceed to run all over. When I told Evelyn I was making the boys capes she insisted I make her a purple cape too. I couldn't pick just one picture to show how cute these kids are in their capes so there's a lot :)

 Oh, and I decided to make masks to go with them and they are even reversible! (don't look close at them though I did a horrrrrrrible sewing job)

 Mikah, Zakry and Evelyn. They were SO cute running around the back yard in their capes and making all sorts of super hero poses.

 All the grandkids were outside running around so my mother in law wanted to get a picture of all of them...this was the best we could do lol. Jakob holding Jamison, Evelyn holding Eva, Mikah, Zakry holding Cassidy.

It was fun making the capes but even more fun seeing how happy the kids were to get them.


Amy said...

SO SO sweet! After I die, I wanna come back as your niece (or nephew) because that seems a pretty great thing to be. :D

Havalah said...

oh my, Evelyn looks SO much like you when you were a little girl.