Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Cassidy is the happiest baby in the world, I'm sure of it. Here's proof:

Those are genuine smiles, you can see it in the eyes. It is impossible to look at her and not be happy.
Here's a little bit of what she is up to (because as a 3 month old she is up to a lot).
  • She loves to smile and talk. If you hold her on your lap and start talking to her you can really get a good conversation out of her. She coos and goos and smiles and really it's very captivating.
  • She likes her binki but doesn't HAVE TO HAVE IT, which is how Evelyn was at this age. In fact, unless she is getting tired if you try to give it to her she spits it out.
  • She loves her swing, woohoo :) It's her favorite place to nap and her favorite place to watch what's going on in the world around her (i.e. her sister playing and her mom cleaning up after her sister). She would swing all day if I would let her, but I get a little greedy sometimes and want a turn holding her.
  • She's not really a fan of tummy time but I'm a mean mom and make her do it anyway :)
  • She sleeps in her crib at night!! Before we moved into our house she had a pack and play in our room that she never slept in, she slept in bed with us instead EVERY night. Once we moved into our house I made her sleep in her own bed, I know, I'm so mean. It only took two nights of a little bit of crying and now she sleeps there every night and will sleep 5-7 hours a night, it's a beautiful thing.
  • Because I made her cry herself to sleep for those first few nights she now likes to suck on her fingers. If she actually gets her thumb in her mouth though she gags on it, it's kind of funny. Usually though she just sucks on the knuckle on her thumb or her ring and middle fingers together.
  • She LOVES getting her diaper changed. She gets SO animated and giggly and smiley and kicks like crazy when I change her diaper, it almost makes changing her diaper fun...almost.
  • She does not like to fall asleep in her carseat. This is very hard on my life. If we are out and about and she's tired she gets fussy and cranky. But I guess since that is like the ONLY time she gets fussy or cranky I can live with it.
  • She still has a head full of dark hair! I can't believe it. I hope she keeps it :)
  • She's filling out quite nicely, as you can tell from the photos. She's well on her way to 11 pounds.

Well that's all I can think of for now, as you can see though, she's a very busy girl :)


Amy said...

:D :D :D :D!!!!

She's so perfect and beautiful and perfect a few more times.

I need to come meet her. *sigh*

Jamie said...

You DEFINENTLY need to meet her :) And did you know I still haven't meant YOUR little man!! What kind of a friend am I?? We need to get together...

Kelly said...

Love your girls. Love that you updated your blog. Will love it even more when you visit!!!