Wednesday, September 15, 2010

life size doll

I don't think there is a big sister in the world that loves her baby sister as much as Evelyn loves Cassidy. Anyone that sees these two knows it, and I mean anyone, the checkers at the grocery store, people sitting by us at church, anyone that comes to our house, etc. All day long Evelyn asks me if she can hold Cassidy. If Cassidy is crying in the car Evelyn will sing to her and soothe her by saying in a sweet little mommy voice "It's okay baby." "Ooohh, baby Cass, it's okay, we're almost home". If Cassidy cries at home and Evelyn is within reach of her she will go to her and give her her binki and LOTS of kisses. And if a person points to Cassidy and asks Evelyn who she is she will always say "MY baby Cassidy" because, you know, she's HERS. It really is very sweet and I love it, I hope that Evelyn will always love her baby sister this much and Cassidy will learn to love her big sister just as much too.

One day Evelyn decided to play with Cassidy while she was sleeping and the sweet little girl just tolerated it and slept right through it. lol. This is the look that says "You caught me, are you going to make me stop or can I keep playing..."
"hmmm...what's in this pocket?"
"And now what's in this one?"
lol she's such a cutie
And look at the angel
Evelyn wanted her other baby to take a nap with Cassidy.

For the sake of keeping a record (and since I am posting all these pictures in no particular order) and just in case you were wondering, Cassidy is 10 weeks in these pictures.

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Rose said...

Too cute! I just finished reading all of your recent posts in my reader. Your two girls are adorable. I love that Cassidy has claimed her as her baby! Our girls do that too. I also love the baby smiles and how creative and organized Evelyn is!