Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fun Trip to Lacey!

This last week Evelyn and I got to spen 10 fun days in Lacey with my family! We had so much fun hanging out with family! I never seem to get very many pictures when we go to Lacey, so this time I was determined to take more! Well, I did a little better, but we were just having so much fun I didn't even think about my camera most of the time.

One day Evelyn and I went with my sister Kelly and her little boy Chase to the children's museum in Olympia. Evelyn LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!! She had so much fun just running from one thing to the next and loved that she could touch and get into anything she wanted, lol. (I didn't get any pictures of her and Chase because they were both too busy checking different things out).

She especially loved the pet area. She even took this little puppy on a walk ;)

The first couple of days we were there it was a little rainy, but then the last half of our trip was BEAUTIFUL!!! Evelyn had lots of fun playing outside. Here she is with Chase throwing sticks and rocks in the water (I know it's not the best picture but I tried to get a picture of each of the cousins and this is the best I could do with Chase)

I just had to throw this picture in, isn't it SO beautiful there!!!
Evelyn had tons and tons and tons of fun with Madisyn and Rylee, and I mean TONS of fun! Again, I this is the best I did on pictures with them...
Evelyn also had TONS and tons and tons and tons of fun with Chandler, Aubrey and Luke. Chandler is 4 and a great cousin to Evelyn, she really likes to tackle him and boss him around and he takes it all with a smile, lol. Here they are getting some energy out just racing around the back yard.
awww...so sweet :)
Evelyn loved jumping on the trampoline with them. It looks like she might be crying in this picture but she's not, she is laughing, she thought it was so fun to lay down and have the other kids bounce her. (argh, I realized as I was putting pictures on here that I don't have ANY of Luke! Next time I will get him...)
Another picture I just had to add, this is a view of Mt. Rainier from just up the street from my sisters house. Beautiful huh?!
I "helped" my sister Kelly finish these wall hangings in her house and I had to show them off because they turned out so nice! (you can't really tell but over the pictures she put a piece of plexi glass, it looks soo nice!)

Whenever we head home from Lacey it's kind of a rush to get back and it's usually dark for most of the trip, but this time we left earlier and stopped at Mt. Rainier for a nice little walk. It was beaufiful and Evelyn loved walking across the bridges and jumping off the little rocks and roots along the path. I think we will definently have to make more stops here from now on.

A few other things we did on this trip...My mom and sister's took me out to lunch for my birthday, we got to visit one of my best friends Havalah's family and have dinner with them, for Mother's Day the husbands took us (us being me, my mom and two sisters) out to dinner and then we played games after, and of course there were trips to the fabric store :) It was such a fun time and we can't wait to go back and show off our new baby!!!


Kelly said...

Yay -- we made the blog!!! We miss you already and can't wait to see you again and meet Cassie!

Ruth said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad you had a fun birthday! And you're right, it is so beautiful there! And I love your wall, Kelly!