Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great Grandma and Grandpa Bennetts

A few weeks ago we went out to Cameron's grandparent's house in Prosser to help them plant some of their garden (Cam's grandpa had a pacemaker put in not too long ago so he can't do as much work as he used to). We had a great time, especially Evelyn.

His grandparents have a few cats and Evelyn LOVED chasing them around! Those poor cats..... So here she is trying to get them to come to her:
lol, and then they came and she ran!
She eventually decided she wasn't scared of them...this poor cat put up with QUITE a bit from her. It did get it's revengence though by making her break out all over her arms and chest. We knew she was allergic to them but how do you tell a two year old to stay away from them?? The gloves she was wearing helped a little bit.
Evelyn got to ride on great grandpa's "tractor". She actually didn't like the lawn mower for very long, I think it was just too loud for her.

But then she got to sit on the real tractor and LOVED that!

Evelyn and I weren't very much help in the garden, since I'm all sorts of pregnant and well, she's two. But she did help pull the hose! :)
They have a little swing set and she spent a lot of time on that. YAY for being outside!!!

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Those are some really cute photos!!