Friday, May 28, 2010

Best. Lunch. Ever.

Yesterday I got to have lunch with my best friend Amy!!
Why was this such a special event? Because Amy and I haven't seen each other in TWO YEARS!! The last time we were together was Evelyn's blessing day. Then I moved to Washington and we haven't been together since. Sure we e-mail, read each other's blogs and talk on the phone, but sometimes you just want to see someone and I was lucky enough to get to spend 5 whole hours with her yesterday :) It was a wonderful lunch and we had such a great time catching up.

The reason we were able to see each other was because she had a plane ticket that needed to be used by July. She left her husband and adorable baby at home in Utah and spent the day traveling (there were no direct flights from Salt Lake to the Tri-Cities so she literally spent the whole day flying) so we could have lunch together :)

Yay for good friends and making great memories :)

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