Sunday, February 21, 2010

where they come from...

So here are where I have gotten some of my ides:

The fabric covered notebooks, I did my first ones exactly like hers just added the monogram. My other notebooks I decided to use paper instead of fabric and hot glued a button to the front and cut a 3 inch piece of elastic and hot glued the ends to the back.

The nursing cover also came from the same lady as the notebooks. I LOVE her blog ( I have made some other things she has tutorials for and love them :) The crayon rolls also came from her, although I altered the sizes and at what stage you sew your pockets in so the seams don't show on the outside and also how you sew the ribbon on (I sew mine into the seam when you sew around the entire edge at the end). If you scroll down on her blog, on the left side she has a TON of super easy and really cute tutorials.

I had wanted to make some drawstring bags because I thought they would be perfect ways to give the notebooks and crayon rolls and other homemade gifts instead of just wrapping them in wrapping paper. Well this lady just happened to post a tutorial on how she made hers just when I needed it :) (because I'm too new at sewing to try and figure out something this simple on my own, haha) I used cording on my first bag and didn't like how stiff it was once you pulled the bag shut so I used ribbon on the rest of mine and loved the way they turned out. These are wonderful because they just take one piece of fabric and you can make them in any size.

So as you can see, I can't take all the credit (or even most) for the things I've made. But the more I make them the more creative I get with them and are able to alter them to my liking :) Although... as I've been making these things I have been thinking of ideas of other things I want to make and I haven't seen the ideas for any of them on the blogs I frequent so I'm excited to actually create something of my own hehe :) stay tuned...hopefully they turn out...

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