Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goodie Bags

For my primary lesson today (I teach the 5 year olds), it said to bring some sort of "small gift" for each child as part of an object lesson. The manual suggested a flower or pretty stone, but I have been in a sewing craze lately and wanted to try out some drawstring bags. Then I thought how fun would it be to make personalized notebooks for each of them? Now I am no sewing expert and these bags are nothing fancy or special, but I had fun making them and was so proud of the finished product!

I made the striped ones for the boys.
I have a ton of this beautiful fabric so I made the girls bags out of this.The notebooks I made for my nieces could get expensive to make for my whole class so I found these little notebooks for $1.50 for 3 and just used some scrap paper and buttons I had to cover them and personalize them. I loved the way they turned out :)

(this was one of the extra boy ones I made to keep on hand for myself so it doesn't have an initial on it)
Oh, and the kids loved them :) yay!


Amy said...

You are the world's greatest primary teacher.

Josh.Meagan.Abigail said...

i love all these things you're making! i am stealing all of these ideas!

Jamie said...

I don't know about being the best primary teacher, but I like having 5 year olds try out the things I create, they always like them :)

And steal away...I didn't come up with these ideas all on my own, I found them and then tweaked them to fit my needs :)

Julie said...

so you must post where you get all your ideas because all of them are super cute...I too am in the sewing craze right now! It much of been all that rain!

Cameron said...

I have the best wife ever. Jamie you truly are a talented woman. I love you!