Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So many crafts, so little time

This morning I was checking my google reader and saw that a craft blog I like had a new post. I looked at it and loved it. Then I saw a link to another blog where they got their idea from and after browsing that blog I fell in love with a ton more crafts and then I linked to another one and on and on...lets just say I spent WAY too much time this morning (didn't shower till 10:30 because of my blog browsing) browsing blogs and finding all sorts of super fun and easy crafts I want to make. I thought I would share my findings:

This is for a cereal box book. Doesn't that look like so much fun and soo easy?! And you can decorate the covers however you want...oh the possibilities :) There are a few other variations, this one has complete instructions and this one tells you how to sew the seam a little different so your kids can even do them. They would even be cute to add a ribbon tie or a button with elastic to keep it shut.

Then I came across these cute valentines books. Yeah, totally love them! And you can make different variations for any holiday or birthday or anniversary etc.

As I was browsing that site I came across these adorable love minibooks/cards. Again, can be adapted to any holiday, birthday etc. I love her site, you should browse it if you haven't already.

As I was browsing this site (another one you should browse, it's WONDERFUL. You can search for ideas by holiday, by your childs age, by season, etc.) I came across these paper flowers. How cute and SO simple are they?? I LOVE how she put them on the branches in a vase. They would be so cute as center pieces for receptions, parties, birthdays, you could make a garland of them...

And last I saw this tutorial for Tic Tac Toe Hearts. LOVE it! (haha, I love a lot of things don't I...) So simple and easy and just imagine all the fun you could have with it. You could do any shape really.

So those were the crafts I came across (and saved) this morning... And now I want to make them all! :)

If anyone else finds cute, simple, easy projects please share! I'm always looking for ideas :) Also if you make any of these let me know how they turn out.


Laura McGee said...

im going to have to check all those out.. here are some more :) i LOVE these sites...
there are a bunch on the right side of my blog too :)

Havalah said...

I love some of the crafty stuff out there and have to be careful about how much time I spend looking at them lol. random idea, what do you think about one day starting a creative blog with me?