Monday, March 1, 2010

Cereal Box Activity Book

I'm really excited about this project!! It turned out better than I expeceted and I love it when that happens!
I followed the instructions found here to make the book. But...instead of just putting plain paper in, I went to (which is awesome if you haven't looked it) and saved the images for activities they have there and resized them in a document. I actually used power point because for some reason when I tried to do it in word and I made the pictures free moving so I could make sure they would print where I needed them to, the images would disappear, it was strange. But in power point everything is automatically free moving so they printed just fine. (I drew a 7x10 box on each of my slides so I knew how big my pictures needed to be and where to place them and when they were printed I knew where to cut the paper). After I had all my images I printed them front to back. So I had ten slides with two activities each on them, and when printed it was 5 sheets with two activities on each side.

This one I printed in all black and white because it was my first one and I didn't want to waste all my colored ink on something that wasn't going to turn out, haha. But it turned out wonderfully!! I am so happy! Obviously Evelyn couldn't do the activities in this one, so I am going to make her one with just coloring pages in it :)

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