Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random things from October

Here are just a few vrey random pictures from October.
Cassidy LOVES to wear shoes to bed, I don't understand, but whatever :) On this particular night she fell asleep with Evelyn's boots.
My girls have so much energy. Be careful when you are around them because they will most likely rope you into swinging them "higher and higher!" and giving them horseback rides and who knows what else. Grandpa Burch is kind enough to indulge them and they sure do love it!

I am always extremely impressed and honestly blown away by Evelyn's artistic abilities. I hope we can continue to cultivate it and her talent will grow and grow. On one particular day I asked her what she wanted for her birthday in January and she started naming things, finally I told her to draw pictures of what she wanted. She came back a little while later with these amazing drawings of all the things she wants for her birthday! I have no idea where the Pocahantis obsession came from but apparently she really loves Pocahantis.

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