Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Before we headed out to do some trick-or-treating, the girls decided they needed to try on different outfits. Cassidy found her costume from last year, which surprisingly still fit her! Evelyn wanted to be Tinkerbell for a little while.

 But when it came down to it, Evelyn was the cutest Little Red Riding Hood I ever did see.
Cassidy was supposed to be a flower but found the butterfly costume and there was no changing her mind about it, she had to be the butterfly. It was a little short in the arms and legs but still adorable :) She looks extremely unhappy in this picture, and I suppose she was, but it as only because she's 2 and really didn't want her picture taken.
 The girls with some of their cousins we went trick-or-treating with.

While we were walking down the street I realized Cassidy wasn't next to me anymore so I turned around to find her and there she was making this face. I have no idea how long she was walking like this, haha, but she thought she was pretty funny, and I think she was too :)

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