Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Swim Lessons

Evelyn did swim lessons this year. She did two weeks on July and two weeks in August. She LOVED them! That little girl is a fish! I was amazed at her ability to put her face under the water without holding her nose (I can't!) and she had absolutly no fear of the water and would have practiced the things she learned all day if she could.

She passed Level 1 and 2 with flying colors! Next summer she'll be in Level 3, I can't believe it!

On her last day of swim lessons she jumped off the diving board and her teacher didn't catch her!

Then she swam to the edge without any help!

The pool we went to also had a 2 foot kiddie pool that Cassidy could play in. Cassidy used to not be a fan of the water but the third day of Evelyn's swim lessons she wanted to get it. It took her about two days to decide she liked it and then I couldn't keep her out of it! I'm so glad she likes the water now and will be putting her in swim lessons next year as well.


Anonymous said...

Your girls are so stinking cute! I love Cassidy's cool sunglasses! Where did you get that awesome Rapunzel blanket?

JoshandMegs said...

There are so many posts, I can't remember all I wanted to say! :) But I love all the pictures!!!