Monday, August 20, 2012

Blog Update

It's about time I update my blog. I'm going to start in June where I left off and work my way to the present, so this might take a while, ha.

To start, here are just a few random pictures I found when going throught my pictures. Both my girls love to read but I will often find Cassidy sitting somewhere with a book (or asking me to read her one). As a side note, we got rid of the binky at the end of June, yay. I just decided not to give it to her one night and she asked for it a couple of times but then was fine. She's been completely fine without it except it has totally thrown off her napping, she just has a really hard time falling asleep now, oh well *sigh*
Evelyn is such a silly girl  she is always making funny faces. One day I wanted to take a picture of her and I told her to smile, of course she couldn't just give me a smile, she had to give me a dozen silly faces first!

These pictures just crack me up, a fun little game on daddy's shoulders turns not so fun for daddy, haha

At the end of June the weather finally got hot so we went to Aunt Tara's house to do some cooling off. The girls were so silly, Evelyn and Eva wouldn't go through the sprinkler, they just ran around it and barely got wet, finally Tara dragged them through the middle of it, lol. But they enjoyed the pool for a few minutes. Cassidy was NOT a fan of the water and just enjoyed the toys :)

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