Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring has arrived...sort of

We've enjoyed some nice days lately, spring is trying to make its self known here but it's kind of having a hard time. But we love the nice days we have had and the girls have LOVED going to the park every chance they get. Lately Cassidy has been a little monkey, as in monkey see monkey do. If Evelyn does it, she does it. Our favorite park has this climbing wall thing and Cassidy says Evelyn doing it and decided she needed to try it to. I think my 22 month old is too small to be doing things like this! But she doesn't!
 Cassidy conquered the wall, even if Evelyn pushed her way past because Cassidy was taking too long.

Evelyn is always making the funniest faces. She she brings a lot of sunshine into our home :)

I hope spring will finally start sticking around and the wind goes away because these little girls want to be outside!

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