Saturday, April 14, 2012

Putting down some roots

We planted our first tree! Yay! When we moved into our house there was a circle in our front yard where a tree used to be but the previous owners had 4 boys and the poor little tree that was there didn't survive their abuse, so it has been empty for a year and a half and I've been dying to get a tree in there. Early last week my father in law saw some trees on sale and told me about them so Thursday I had him take me and the girls to pick one up. While we were out we also got some flowers to make the rest of my yard look beautiful. My wonderful father in law helped plant the tree and flowers and now I have a beautiful front yard!

Cassidy smelling the flowers in our pots

Cameron and I picked up these ones today (Saturday). The middle one thats white smells like coconuts!
I've been busy weeding the front and back yards the last few days and the girls have been loving playing outside. Today was GORGEOUS and we spent alll day outside, it was wonderful. I even got a nice and nasty sunburn on my arms and face.

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