Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow Day

I'm trying to update the blog, and it's very speradic, but that's the way it's going to be or it just won't get done. So back in the middle of January we had a massive snow day. Cassidy would stare out the window non-stop and point and babble in excitement about the snow, she was so excited about it. Naturally, I thought she would be just as excited about it when we went outside. So after 10 minutes of getting her ready to go out she was more than done after 30 seconds. I set her down and she just stared at me like "what on earth are you doing to me?!"
Followed instantly by whining and screaming and begging me to take her back inside. lol, at least I got a few pictures first ;)

 Evelyn enjoyed it a little longer, for at least 10 minutes I think.
 A good friend of ours braved the snowy roads and came over with her two girls to enjoy some fun in the snow. Her older daughters name is Evelyn also and her and my Evelyn have so much fun together. They thought it would be fun to try the swings.
 And I am probably a horrible mother for this, but this picture makes me laugh SO hard. Evelyn K. slipped off the swing and landed on her back (luckily she had a short fall and a soft landing) so that was funny, but my Evelyn's face in this picture is just priceless, makes me laugh every time!

Yay for a snow day!


Amy said...

:D See, your girls would LOVE Utah!

Joanna said...

hahaha that IS funny! I am pretty sure my Evelyn laughed about it too afterwards.