Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

We had a lot of fun at our ward Christmas party this year. Each auxiliary did a little something like sing or do a skit. The Young Women went last and they did a little skit about and elf that didn't believe in Santa and during the skit Santa came out to show the elf he was real. When Evelyn saw Santa she got SO excited. We were about half way back in the gym with most of the ward in front of us and she just started yelling as loud as she could "SANTA! HEYYYYY SAAAANTA!! SANTA! HEY SANTA! Mommy look! SANTA! HEYYYY SAAAANTA!!!" It was pretty funny. I was so excited when I saw that a lady in our ward is a professional photographer and brought a beautiful back drop and we were going to get super cute pictures of our girls with santa....yeah...maybe next year...blah. As excited as she was about seeing him on stage, Evelyn would NOT sit on his lap. Here he is trying to get her to get on his lap but she just touched his gloves and wouldn't get any closer.
Santa: Would you like to see my bells?
Evelyn: Sure, from a distance!
Santa: Maybe you would like a candy cane?
Evelyn: Sure! But I'm still not coming near you!
I need to find the lady that took the pictures and see how hers turned out...

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Amy said...

LOL. That's awesome.