Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We were able to go to Lacey and spend 9 days there! And the best part was that Cameron got to stay the whole time :)

We let Evelyn open her pajamas on Christmas Eve and she was SO excited! This girl lives for anything princess. Chrstimas morning the girls had lots of fun opening and playing with their fun new toys.

I am horrible at taking pictures when we go to Lacey. But we had SOOO much fun! We spent the trip hanging out with my parents and sisters and their families and Cameron and I even got to see a few of our closest friends while we were home, Heather, Chelsea and Brad. We played lots of games, ate lots of yummy food, went shopping, Cameron and I celebrated our 5th anniversary, my mom and I sewed, Cameron and my dad built some walls and moved some dirt outside and lots of other fun things. My sister Kelly started a business called Embellish and she makes watch bands out of beads. But the way she does it is she has watch parties and you get to make your own. They are sooo cute and lots of fun to make, I ended up coming home with three :) I'll post pictures of those soon :)

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Amy said...

I miss Lacey. It's not even my home and I miss it. *sigh* Cute watch (the one you're wearing) we miss you.