Thursday, October 14, 2010

Candy Corn Wreath

Last Saturday I had a Candy Corn Party which was tons of fun! The idea was for everyone to make some sort of decoration using candy corn. I had a bunch of ideas that I got from a magazine and one of them was a candy corn wreath:
Isn't it pretty? I was a little intimidated at first but once I got started I realized how easy it was. It took maybe 2 1/2 hours to make (it's hard to tell since I had to stop and tend to my children quite often). Anyways if you want to make one yourself here's some rough instructions on how to do it:

candy corn
black ribbon
hot glue gun
lots of hot glue sticks (I probably used about 10-12)
foam wreath
black duck tape

How to:
-wrap your wreath with black duck tape
-with your glue gun make about a 3-5 inch line and attach candy corn. Don't make too long of a line so that it doesn't dry before you have time to attach the candy corn.
-I didn't cover the back of the wreath with candy corn so that it hangs better and the candy corn won't get knocked off when it bounces against the door.
-Cut your ribbon whatever length you want and hang! (I glued my ribbon to the wreath so that it won't slide)

Pretty easy!


Summers Family said...

I told you you would put it on your door, and it looks awesome!
I draped my "garland" around my chandelier in the dining room and the kids have actually not eaten off of it (that I can tell anyway).
Thanks again, I had so much fun!

Ruth said...

What a cute decoration! Love it! That looks like something Sarah would really like, don't you think?

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

That is a really cute wreath. I wish you'd have posted this before I went out and bought something to hang by my door. Oh well, maybe next year! Love the bumbo post too. It is funny what we get such a kick out of when our kids learn new things!

Corey & Amber said...

Too cute I hope I remember that next year I love it!

Kara and Scott said...

Ahhh! I'm sorry I never called you back! and I'm doubly sorry that I missed out on the candy corn action! Let me know next time you do something like again, that is if you can forgive me for not calling back :) Cute Wreath!