Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bumbo Baby

** Cassidy rolled over today! Woohoo! haha isn't it funny the things that get us mothers excited? She rolled over while I was sitting right next to her, but of course she did it in the 2 seconds that I turned to look at Evelyn so I didn't actually see the roll, just the after of her on her tummy. So then I tried to get her to do it all day after that. Of course, she wouldn't do it again, she would roll to her side and try hard but never make it over. Then, again, when I wasn't watching she was laying still and not trying to roll and I looked away and looked back and there she was again on her tummy! Silly girl :)

Today we broke out the bumbo for this little babe. She is so good at holding her head up and loves sitting up when you hold her and she was starting to get a little squirmy in her bouncer so I thought I would give it a try. She loved it :) She was concentrating SO hard on her toys it was funny. No, she did not grab the toy she's holding, I put it in her fist, but she loved sucking on it when she made it to her mouth. Before I know it she'll be grabbing them all by herself.

Aren't those little feet so dang cute?! She has the tiniest, softest, cutest feet ever :) Doesn't this picture make you want to tickle them? When Evelyn saw it she did, she said "ickle, ickle, ickle" lol


Amy said...

Oh I LOVE those toes! So so sweet.

Ruth said...

So cute! How exciting that she's rolling over now! Those bumbo chairs are so handy - I still remember when you let Marianne borrow that exact chair when we were visiting. :)

Rose said...

Yes! I want to tickle them!!! Awww... cute baby feet!