Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Xel-Ha was the eco park we went to. It was tons of fun! Here are me and my sisters getting ready to go snorkeling, haha, aren't we good looking?? haha. Like I said, I do not like open water, gives me the heebie jeebies. But this was so much fun, well until the baracuda graced me with it's presence... But the other fish were so colorful and beautiful and kept their distance, we also saw a couple of sting ray.

The whole eco park was in a lagoon and there was just a probably 30 foot floating bridge seperating the lagoon from the ocean. But you could go to the top of the lagoon to the beginning of the river and float down it on intertubes. It was pretty cool because you first go to a little area where you can either wait for a tram to take you to where the intertubes are or you can ride a bike to them, it's only like a 5 minute bike ride. Then you get your tube and start floating, it's pretty slow going actually. But along the way they have different places you can stop at and jump off cliffs or walk across a rope bridge, it was pretty neat. After we had floated the river we decided to walk back along the paths and get pictures of some of the activities (since I obviously didn't take my camera down the river). So here is Carie, she conquered the rope bridge. I started to do the bridge but it hurt my feet SO bad I stopped after about 3 feet and turned around. And my sister Kelly jumped off a cliff!! My camera died just as I was getting a picture of her, it was very sad, but she did it! There were iguana's everywhere! I mean everywhere. They were at our hotel, at Xel-Ha, and ALL over the ruins.
A little hammock park that you could relax in :) (again, notice the lack of crowds...)


Havalah said...

So fun. I totally want to go now.

Amy said...

ahhhh....sweet peace.