Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Grand Mayan

The resort we stayed at was called The Grand Mayan and it was beautiful!! Here are some pictures of it.

This is the view from the building we were staying in, all those other buildings you see are part of the resort too.

Road side view of the building we stayed in.Throughout the resort there are tons of places to sit and relax (other than the THREE pools). Notice there isn't anyone sitting on these beds? That's because there was hardly anyone there. If you go to Mexico, go in October, it's perfect weather and there's hardly anyone there.
The resort of course sits on the ocean and it was beautiful. The only downside was that our beach was pretty rocky so it wouldn't be fun to swim in, that's why we went to another beach.

Carie, me, Kelly and my mom on the boardwalk

These are just some wierd looking rocks you could see off the end of that boardwalk. Isn't the water so clear and warm looking :)

Kelly, Carie and MeDown by the beach there are a ton of lounge chairs and also these soft beds and chairs, again, no one there it was wonderful :)
This was in the biggest of the three pools. This picture doesn't do it justice, you can't even begin to see how gicantic it was. It was the biggest pool I've ever seen in my life.
This was another one of the pools, our favorite one. The other one was louder and seemed more like the party pool. But this one was quiet and more serene, it was a beautiful thing :)
This crocodile was just outside our room, the sign read "Do not feed Crocodile" lol I totally thought it was fake because it sat there with it's mouth wide open like that and didn't move for a couple of minutes, but then it blinked.

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Amy said...

ahhh!!!! crocodiles are scary!

I want to sit in that pool with the chairs halfway in.