Saturday, March 29, 2008

We're still alive!

March 15th-24th we spent in Washington, and I am just now getting around to posting pictures...

The main reason for the trip was so Cameron could try to find a job. He will be graduating from the University of Utah on May 2nd and we knew we didn't want to stay in Utah, we wanted to move back to Washington to be closer to our families.

The Monday after we got to Richland, Cameron went out in search of a job. He drove down some of the main roads and stopped at every financial institution he saw, went in and dropped off a resume. One bank he stopped at, Yakima Federal Savings, the guy he talked to about applying for a job recognized him, he was the father of a girl Cameron went to high school with. They had a nice long chat and the guy said he was actually going to Yakima the next day to their headquarters and would talk to the HR people there. The next day Cameron got a phone call from the HR people saying they wanted to do an interview with him and wondered if he could come to Yakima on Wednesday. Yakima is about 45 minutes from Richland so Cameron told them that since he was just in Richland he could definently make it there. When he said he was in Richland the lady said "Actually, we'll have someone down there tomorrow if that would work better for you." So on Wednesday he went to his interview and came home really wanting the job. They said they would contact him within the next week or two because they had another person they wanted to interview. Well the Tuesday we got back Cameron got a call and they said he got the job!!!! We are SOOOO excited!!! It has truly been a blessing the way it has all worked out.

The job itself is called Manager Trainee (I think...). It means they will train him on everything from tellar to loan officer. He will basically learn how to run a bank, and then when a managerial position comes open he will become a manager.

We are so excited for this great opportunity! He starts on May 12th, which means we will be moving to Richland on May 5th. It's coming up quick and we can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

congratulations on the new job Cameron! I'm really excited for you guys. You get to go back home and be close to your families. Abbie and I are getting over colds, but we want to come see you guys before you leave. Maybe next week sometime.