Saturday, March 29, 2008

So Loved

I just have to post pictures of all our wonderful friends and family holding Evelyn, mostly just for memories sake. When I was going through our pictures I realized I didn't actually get pictures of everyone holding her that held her (otherwise this post would be about 3 times as long) but here are the ones I did get.
My dad, Grandpa Chandler, and Evelyn Our wonderful friend, Chelsea, and Evelyn. She is the reason Cameron and I met, so if it weren't for her our precious little girl wouldn't be here.
Great Grandma Burch, Cameron, Me, and Evelyn.
My nephew Luke and Evelyn. He was so excited to hold her. He even practiced his smiles so we would get a good picture :)
My niece Aubrey and Evelyn.
My nieve Rylee and Evelyn. She too was super excited to hold her. The whole night we were at their house Rylee was pretending she was "babysitting" her. She would hold her and play with her, it was very cute.
My niece Madisyn and Evelyn.
My mom, Grandma Chandler, and Evelyn.

Cameron's dad, Grandpa Burch, and Evelyn.

Our nephew Mikah and Evelyn. Jakob, Mikah, and Zakry were all super excited to hold Evelyn. Every day we were there they wanted to hold her. And when I would hold her they would just come over and look at her and say "Baby Evie" or "She's cute." Great Grandma and Grandpa Bennett and Evelyn.
Our nephew Jakob and Evelyn.
Our nephew Zakry and Evelyn.

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