Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We went to Lacey for Thanksgiving this year. We had a ton of fun! Kelly and Chris hosted it at their house and they made the best turkey ever! I'm not the biggest fan of turkey because it usually dry and not much flavor, not theirs, it was so moist and has so much flavor mouth is watering just thinking about it!
Evelyn loves playing outside at my parents and when I tried to get her to just smile for me this is what she did before she gave me a nice smile, silly girl.

I roped my dad into making several wood projects for me. He's the best. :)
I painted them after he cut, glued and nailed everything together for me. When I have them all completed and hung up I'll post pictures.

My sister Kelly and I had some fun doing a little bit of Black Friday shopping. We didn't head out until about 6 and by then there were no lines anywhere and we still found some sweet deals and got what we wanted. Then both my sisters and I went to the new Twilight movie. Such a fun day with my sisters! I didn't get one with Kelly, but here's me and my beautiful sister Carie.
We had lots of fun playing games. Our new favorite is Qwirkle. If you've never played it, you need to :)

Chase and my dad had other ideas of how to use the Qwirkle pieces.

 Chases favorite person in the WHOLE world is my dad and Chases favorite thing to do is be outside. My dad was multi-tasking by mowing and watching Chase. I looked out the window and saw that Chase had decided to help my dad mow the lawn. It was pretty sweet. I think he actually helped him mow the whole thing! Evelyn saw what Chase was doing and decided she needed a turn too. She didn't last very long though before she went back to riding bikes.
Just a silly picture of Cassidy :)

I have curled Cassidy's hair several times and each time I do Evelyn asks when it's her turn. Cassidy has thick hair that has a little bit of natural wave to it so it curls easily, Evelyn on the other hand has hair just like me: thin and stick straight. My hair does not curl easily so I figured Evelyn's wouldn't either. But I gave it a try anyways because she wanted me to so bad. It actually turned out really well! Now she asks me to curl her hair every day!
 One of my favorite things about Lacey in the fall/winter is the fog. I don't like driving in it but I love the way it looks. Cameron snapped this beautiful picture of it for me :)

While there we also got to visit a long time family friend, Pam. She gave me a beautful nativity scene for me and my family to enjoy. We love her and hope to be able to see her again when we visit :)

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