Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preschool Christmas Program

We had the preschool Christmas program at our house this year. There is an older single lady in our ward that lives down the street from us who my girls affectionatly call Grandma Britton and I asked her to help me out with the program she willingly accepted and even made these super yummy treats with the kids before the program. We dipped vanilla wafers in almond bark then put sprinkles on them. They are super kid friendly and even taste really yummy, bonus!
Because we had been practicing for the program for the last three weeks at our house naturally Cassidy thought she needed to be a part of it. Since I knew there was no way to keep her out of it I figured I would at least put her in a costume so she looked like she belonged in the pictures :)

Here is Evelyn's preschool group (plus Cassidy)
Silly faces!

Evelyn was the Innkeeper and the Wiseman. All the kids did SO great. The story we followed was great because I read it and the kids just had to move to different spots so they didn't even have to talk! After they sang some songs and gave cards to their parents they made for them.

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