Friday, March 23, 2012

Caterpillar Patterns

I saw this fun caterpillar patterns activity on a website and thought it was cute and that Evelyn would enjoy it, but I couldn't find the original link, so I decided to make my own :)

Here is the link to my Caterpillar Patterns Game if you are interested in making your own. I might have gone a little crazy thinking up patterns, but I figured the more the merrier :) I printed them, laminated them and put magnet tape (seriously awesome stuff!) on the back of the pattern cards and then put magnets on the back of the pom poms (the kind of magnets you get on a roll and cut how much you need). We will be giong to Utah in a couple of months and it will be a loooong drive so I have been trying to think of activities the girls can do in the car and this is perfect with the added magnets (I got the little cookie sheet at the dollar store)

I also included a blank caterpillar so they can do whatever pattern they want. As you can see Evelyn went "crazy" with her pattern...all pink, lol.

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Amelia said...

My kids love doing patterns, thanks for the awesome idea and free printable.