Monday, February 20, 2012

Evelyn's 4th Birthday

For Evelyn's birthday this year we kept it pretty low key. She had a Princess Party and invited her three closest friends to celebrate with her. I set up a little background to take some pictures of the girls in front of and these two were some of my favorite "practice" ones of Evelyn dancing :)

 We had all the girls come dressed as a princess but we also had all of Evelyn's dress up clothes and accessories out so they could change throughout the party, and believe me, they did! I made little crowns for them to decorate with stickers and jewels, they decorated sugar cookies and I took pictures of them, but mostly they just played and were in heaven :) My mom helped me make the adorable gift bags.
The Princesses decorating their cookies

On Sunday we had Cameron's family over to celebrate and we had cupcakes and played some Wii Just Dance, the kids loved it and had lots of fun, even the littlest ones got in on it :)

 I cannot believe our Evelyn in FOUR already!! She brings so much joy into our home. She is a sweetheart and is always telling each one of us that she loves us. I am so grateful to be her mother!


Chels said...

I love it! Wanna organize all my kids birthdays?! OK! :) Way cute, as always! :)

Amy said...

I can't believe you've been gone for 4 YEARS! She's beautiful and it was such a cute party!!! You're awesome.

Mike and Traci said...

Jamie, your party for Evelyn was so cute! Your little family is just the perfect little are the most thoughtful, creative mom, and you have the cutest little girls!