Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a super fun Halloween this year and it seemed like it lasted forever! Friday I took Evelyn and Cassidy to see Grandma Burch at her office and then to see daddy at his. That night our ward had a Trunk-or -Treat and a chili feed. It was so much fun! Saturday night our old ward (Cameron's parents' ward) had a Trunk-or-Treat and a carnival. It too was tons of fun! Then Sunday all of Cam's siblings went to his parents house for dinner and it was fun to hang out with family and Evelyn always always always loves to play with cousins!

Cassidy the kitten and Evelyn the candy corn witch

Visiting grandma at work

A few more pictures of the girls...

My sister-in-law Megan makes the most amazing costumes for her boys each year. This year was no different, they were sock monkeys! Pretty much the cutest, funniest things ever!
And we finally got one of Cassidy, Evelyn and Eva in their matching outfits. I have no idea what they are all staring but they they look pretty intense lol
And I tried to get a family picture...this was the best we got haha


Josh.Meagan.Abigail said...

Evelyn's costume is ADORABLE!!!! Did you make it? I am really hoping one day we have another girl so Abigail has a sister to dress up with :)

Jamie said...

No, I didn't make...I wish I could claim it though, haha, everyone asked me that so next year I decided I have to make one :)

Rose said...

Cute pictures! Evelyn's costume makes me want to gobble up a bunch of candy corn. :)