Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eva's Birthday Party = Happiest Day of Evelyn's Life

Evelyn's cousin Eva had her First Birthday last week! Woohoo!! They had a party for her at a loval gymnastics place and Evelyn was in HEAVEN! For those of you who know Evelyn you know she has SO. MUCH. ENERGY. Seriously, I have never met a child with more energy than her. You will never see her just walk anywhere she has to be eithe running, skipping, going backwards, sideways, hopping, or anything other than walking. She also loves to climb anything in sight and anytime we are in a parking lot she has to walk on the curb like a balance beam. So naturally, this place was heaven to her. Here are pictures of her going going going:

This was a big swing they had and it might have been her favorite thing there.

And of course, the beautiful birthday girl! Eva is such beautiful and sweet little girl. Tara and Jason were so blessed to be able to adopt her a year ago. We are so grateful she is a part of our family. We love you Eva!!
Here's her first bite...
Going in for some more!
I think she liked it! :)

And some shots of the rest of us enjoying the party :)


Rose said...

There's a gymnastics place where we live. Our son loves the swing there too! Rope swings must be a popular thing. :)

Are you sure you just had a baby? You look like you've lost any baby weight that you might have had! You look good!

Amy said...

Eva is beautiful! And look at that cake - wow!

What a great place for a birthday party. :D