Friday, June 18, 2010

One Week

Yesterday Cassidy turned one week old :) She is now 5 lbs 12 oz (she was 5 1/2 lbs when we left the hospital so I was very happy about her weight gain) and they said she was 19 inches, but I have a hard time believing she grew 1 1/4 in in a week.

Cassidy is such a great baby! She is sooo mellow. She only cries when we unwrap her to change her diaper but as soon as we start swaddling her again she calms right down. She makes some of the funniest faces, I could just stare at her all day long. She had her first whole body under water bath yesterday, lol, she was not a fan. But as soon as she was wrapped up in her towel she calmed down and was very happy after that. Cassidy is very tiny, everyone that holds her can't believe just how small and light she is, so I thought it would be fun to compare her to one of Evelyn's dolls. lol, I think the picture speaks for itself, she's a little one alright.
There certainly is no shortage of love for her around here. Evelyn seriously can't get enough of her. She is always kissing her or hugging her or wanting to hold her. Sometimes she loves her a little too much, but mostly she is very soft and loving with her.

I feel so blessed to be the mother of these two beautiful and sweet little girls. Life couldn't be any better. :)


Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

She is so cute and all that DARK hair! Looks nothing like Evelyn's tow-head! Hopefully Evelyn will continute to love her little sister. Two of the same can be so fun!

Julie said...

I totally did that pic with Danielle next to a care bear. You just forget how small they really are so that is a great pic to remember. I can't wait to meet her! I can tell Evie is going to have so much fun with her. Congrats!

Ruth said...

She is so beautiful!!! Does she look a lot like Evelyn did as a newborn? It certainly looks like she has more hair than Evelyn did!

Amy said...

So so beautiful. Remember when Evie hated to bathe too? You were convinced (and probably right) that she just hated to be cold, those girls just need to be all wrapped up and cozy! :) So so sweet.