Friday, May 28, 2010

Evie and Eva

Evelyn loves babies. Evelyn REALLY loves her cousin "baby hefa" as it sounds coming out of mouth :) Eva was over on Sunday and as soon as Tara took her out of her carseat Evelyn jumped on the couch and was ready to hold her. Evelyn loves to feed her her bottle (even though Eva can hold it on her own now), give her toys, help change her diaper and gets very concerned about her when she fusses. She's going to be a wonderful and very helpful big sister.

Does Eve look like she is about the same size as Evelyn? That's because she almost is! At 7 months Miss Eva is 19 lbs (I'm pretty sure that's right...) and at 2 1/2 Evelyn is 26 lbs lol

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Ruth said...

So sweet! I didn't know Evelyn was so tiny! Just like her cute mama. :) Marianne has that exact same yellow dress btw. We have such good tastes! :)