Sunday, January 10, 2010


Better late than never right?

Our Christmas started with a ward Christmas brunch where we had a visit from Santa. I was surprised that Evelyn wasn't scared of him, she was actually very excited to meet him when he brought around the toys.

She wasn't AS excited to meet him when Cameron chased him down the hall so we could get a picture of Evelyn with him, lol.

We had our Burch family Christmas party the Sunday before Christmas since a lot of us were going out of town. Evelyn loves her cousins and had so much fun playing with them that night!

This is just a funny picture of Evelyn. hehe Evelyn opening her present. The first present took her forever to open! She ripped it open sooo slowly.... after lots of practice she is much faster now. We got her a play kitchen and she LOVES it! Giving baby Eva kisses!! Evelyn LOVES babies. She can't get enough of them. She loves to take care of Eva by making sure she always has her binkie, a blanket and her bottle. She's such a good little helper :)

And here is our family Christmas picture.

Wednesday we headed to Lacey to spend Christmas with my family. Evelyn had no trouble at all warming up to her grandma and grandpa Chandler and all her cousins. She was spoiled with so much attention and loved it! :) So here she is "helping" grandpa put together one of her Christmas presents.

We got her a pez dispenser and I think that is the best $1 we ever spent, she LOVED it!

I was a horrible picture taker on this trip, this was the only picture I got of her with her cousins! She had so much fun watching movies with them, playing games, being doted on and of course just being chased around and given all the attention she could ever want :)

Like I said, I was horrible at taking pictures that trip, but I also got to see my best friends Havalah and Heather who are both living back east right now. It was wonderful!!

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