Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flower Girl

Evelyn was a flower for Halloween this year, pretty much the cutest flower I've ever seen :)
I got this Nacho Libre mask in Mexico when I was there last week, lol, I just had to get it for Cam, hahaIf you can't tell Evelyn wanted NOTHING to do with the camera, all she wanted was her sucker and to run around.


Amy said...

dang cute flower. :)

Julie said...

that is the cutest flower i have ever seen! I have never seen that costume before...or did you make it. It is so cute! It was good to see you today and I want to hear more about your trip! sounds like fun!

Ruth said...

What a cute little flower! What a fun Halloween! I hope Cancun was fun! PS I NEED to see some pictures of it!! :)