Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The BEACH!!!

This is the entrance to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen :)

My sisters, Kelly and Carie and me in the Caribbean hehe For those of you that don't believe I actually went in the water, here is proof, that's me jumping through the waves :)

These are the Tulum ruins from the beach we went to, as you can see it wasn't very far away.After the beach, this was the restaraunt Marcos recommended to us. Mmmm it was SO good!!


Ruth said...

Looks like you girls had so much fun! I'm so happy you got to do all that! (although I would have loved to be there too!) :) The pictures are gorgeous, the beach is gorgeous, and you are gorgeous! :)

Amy said...

That's you? I'm SOOOO proud! I KNEW there was a reason you owned a swimsuit. :D

Julie said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I would love to get away like that sometime!

I was wondering if you did want to come to my scrap class on dec 4th. It is those pages on my blog, the cost is 15, plus you keep your paper packet. I am placing the order on friday so I need to recieve money before then. Just call me if you want to come, we can work something out.