Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sooo soft...

My sister-in-law Trisha is having a baby boy in January and JoAnne's was having a nice sale on their baby fleece prints so I decided to make her some baby blankets. They are so soft and cuddly!! I want to make a giant one for me to snuggle in :) I'm posting pictures of all of them because I called my mom 101 times with questions ranging from how to square the fabric to how to make my sewing machine work right, lol, by the time I got to my last 3 blankets I could do them all on my own haha. Anyway, I promised my mom pictuers of them so here they are:

Evelyn liked sitting on my lap and "helping" me sew. I would let her push the reverse button and she loved that.

Since the fabric was at such a wonderful price I thought I might as well make some girlie blankets too, I'm sure SOMEONE I know will someday have a


Havalah said...

so crafty Jamie. I love the material

Amy said...

So dang cute! I see no reason you wouldn't make big ones perfect for napping under if you're an adult...DO IT! :)