Thursday, October 1, 2009

The library!

Every Friday at our library is story time for toddlers. Evelyn and I went for the first time with my sister-in-law Megan and her two boys last week. It was so much fun! I never realized there was so much to do at the library! In the area that they do the story time there are tiered seats for the kids to sit on and they have these foam circle things for the kids (and parents) to sit on to make it more comfy. Once Evelyn discovered them she went around collecting them and givign them to random people and would say "Sit! Sit!" to them.

Yay for free and educational fun!!!


Amy said...

Maybe when I grow up (and live next door) we can take out kids to stuff like this together. Deal?

Kathy said...

We enjoy going to the puppet show at our library. Great fun. Looks like she loves that binky still. That was Jaydon, wouldn't go anywhere without it until one day he dropped it at the store and it went under the shelves - oops all gone. He didn't even cry about it. It was just gone. Thanks for the fun photos.