Sunday, March 30, 2008


Here are just a few other random pictures from our trip.
Our first family picture :) Evelyn usually wakes up as soon as I lay her down. But this night she was so tired that when I laid her on the counter and started undressing her for her bath she was still totally asleep.
Chase wanted nothing to do with Evelyn, which we all expected. When I got my camera out to take pictures of everyone holding her, all he wanted was for me to take pictures of him. Everytime I would try to get pictures of other people he would just in front of the camera, it was very cute.

Madisyn had a Nintendo DS and Cameron very much enjoyed playing it.


Laura McGee said...

i steal my nephew's whenever he is around! lol

lindydavis said...

Jamie, it is fun to see the pictures of your family in Washington. Evelyn is sure growing! she is so sweet.