Thursday, February 21, 2008

6 weeks

I cannot believe she is six weeks old already! Time sure does fly when you are having fun. She was weighed last week and was 8 lbs 10 oz, that's all due to her very healthy eating habits. I love her chubby little cheeks, but don't be deceived by them, the rest of her is still super tiny (she's STILL wearing newborn clothes).


Amy said...

#1 I love your new blog layout.
#2 Your child is beautiful no matter who is holding her.
#3 Is Havalah gonna have a kid soon?
#4 Those M&M's are EASILY the most beautiful I've seen outside of Vegas. :)

Laura McGee said...

she is so stinkin cute! i cant wait to meet her! when you guys comin up?? Kason was able to wear newborn clothes until he was 3 months old!! crazy huh! sizes are funny. he is in 3-6 right now and they are big on him but lastnight he was in a 9month outfit and it was tight. different brands different sizes. wish it could all be the same! lol :) i love all the pictures!! and those M&M's look amazing! i wanna do that now just for decoration! lol :) we miss you guys!! the weather is getting nicer here and we are grilling for dinner alot and wish you guys were close so we could have dinners together again!! :(

cwarren said...

This is from Luke:
"We love Evelyn! We wish we could see her and Evelyn is very far away and we wish we could see her and we love her puffy little cheeks and we love her! And we like her and we love her! From, Luke"

cwarren said...

Jamie, she is so beautiful! I want to hold and cuddle her. You deserve such a wonderful little girl. Give her a squeeze for us. The kids love looking at all the new pictures of her. Chandler is trying to give her picture a kiss!